Our Specialties:
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  • Conferences
  • Cultural & Diplomatic Events
  • Fundraising & Special Events
  • Event Marketing


We offer complete planning and marketing services for virtual or in-person meetings.  Using our wide network of contacts we can assist in forming strategic business alliances using our expertise in creating international and cultural events.

Here are some of our latest success stories.

Ottawa Welcomes the World


Want to have fun!

Whatever you are celebrating we can help make it bigger and better.  We use our previous experiences and successes by using strategic planning to create effective timelines to ensure all objectives are met in a timely manner and the event goes off without a hitch.

Completed a contract with Celebrations Ottawa2017 for Canada’s 150th Birthday and produced a series of events called Ottawa Welcomes the World which included 43 events over the course of the entire year working with 88 countries and drew an audience of close to 240,000 visitors.  These events took take place at either the Horticultural Building or Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park by Embassies represented in Ottawa from around the world.  It was 300% over expected attendance targets. 

Created an International Cultural Festival over the Canada Day weekend June 30 – July 6th in 2018 at the Horticultural Building at Lansdowne Park Ottawa, ON, where over 20 countries participated showcasing their arts, music, dance, tourism, culture, food, and drink.


Let's get serious!

Do you have a specific goal for your conference?  They let us help you met that goal and create amazing connections through our unique meeting style while advancing your expertise using experts in your field and of course build lasting memories filled with fun and laughter.  We can do it virtually too!

Created a conference on behalf of the African Women’s Diplomatic Forum aimed to celebrate successes registered on the African continent in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) by women. The event showcased examples of African women scientist based in Africa and Canada that achieved great successes despite their personal challenges.  It provided a platform for African and Canadian women scientists to share their knowledge and exchange ideas on how to enhance the participation of more women in the STEM sector.  The output was the establishment of a STEM network and collaboration between Canadian and African Women Scientists. Over 17 countries participated with 9 female African scientists as presenters.

On behalf of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade organized three separate bilateral meetings examining opportunities to develop joint research projects; Canada & the European Union: Canada & Germany and Canada & Chile.  Managed venue, contracts, food and beverage requirements, logistics, protocol services, and all the meeting material and logistics requirements.



Let's party hearty!

Share your country’s cultures and see how powerful that can be.  This important exercise will help to build and strengthen your country’s diversity and talent to show how best you can compete in the world of business and tourism.

Facilitated and managed the box office for two performances of Culture Beyond Borders by the Solomon Mikhoels International Cultural Centre in Moscow for 650 attendees in Montreal at the Rialto Theatre and in Ottawa in the Theatre at the Museum of Civilization to an audience of 500;

On behalf of the Canada China Cultural Development Association helped organize to bring the China National Disabled Performing Arts Troupe to Canada to perform in 7 cities across Canada including developing a relationship with a charity to receive all net proceeds from three of the performances. In Ottawa, they performed at the National Arts Centre. 


Let us grow your passion!

Whatever your passion we can help move it forward using our expertise having helped raise millions of dollars for important causes that need help!  Share your ideas with us and we can help make them grow into a special event that leaves your guests feeling they have helped make a difference.

Since 2012, we have successfully run the Bladder Cancer Walk in Ottawa by using a unique approach creating an event that not only raises money, but also informs the public about the disease, and offers the latest information on the latest treatments using experts in the field.  Most importantly, we have helped raise more money for research right here in Ottawa.

As a previous Board member and Special Events Chair for the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra (OSO) for 14 years annually organized the opening concert season reception, collaborating with a local embassy to produce an event showcasing the origin of the music.  Organized 4 large biannual Gala soirees. Helped raised over $1M over the last 14 years as well as an annual summer garden party at various official foreign government residences.  For example, for the 25th-anniversary celebration, the event was at the home of the British High Commission with Mark Carney (former Head of the Bank of Canada and Bank Of England) as the Chair with over 300 guests.  We were responsible for identifying sponsors, managing logistics, and protocol for participating dignitaries.




Want results and fast action!

Our marketing style gives results by consistently achieving ambitious objectives through a blend of creativity, initiative, dedication to performance excellence, love of challenge, and diversity using strong marketing and unique planning skills.

Product Launches

Our goal is to promote your product or service to a specific target market that meets your needs and provides successful results in growing your business.  Using our vast network of contacts and unique approach we can expand your business.

We have twice successfully designed, organized, and executed a prestigious Brand Canada marketing event to attract investment in the Canadian IT sector to foreign IT companies and investors on behalf of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (now known as Global Affairs). First at the Bellagio Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas Nevada in partnership with Cirque du Soleil and secondly at Treasure Island featuring the renowned Canadian Chef Rob Feenie.

Produced an Export Café in Montreal for International Trade Canada that brought 90 manufacturers and 16 International Trade Commissioner together to help build Canadian exports and identified all the business matches.

Developed a premiere marketing event for the city of Ottawa titled “Ottawa Exposed” to over 500 executive meeting planners and tourism operators at a professional film studio in Toronto and converted 60,000 square ft of interior white space into a replica of Ottawa’s downtown including a canal with real water, Parliament Hill and much more.


Is there a quota on the number of people you can have on a Virtual meeting?

There is no real limit to the number of folks you can have on a Virtual meeting it depends what your system will permit. However you have to analyze what is your goal and what are you trying to achieve. Too many talking heads can have a poor result- better to focus on fewer attendees and perhaps do the virtual meeting repeatedly using several smaller groups to be most effective

Can you launch a new product virtually more successfully than face to face?

Launching products virtually has been a very successful method for many years. It is highly recommended to use this method if you have a strong database or good size client base

What size of events do you do?

We are equipped to produce and manage meetings small (up to 25), medium (26 – 250), and large (251 – 500).