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These all-encompassing services were designed with diplomats and embassies in mind.

Snookie Lomow & Associates Inc. joins with reputable Restoration and Renovation companies to meet your renovation and construction needs.

Our company offers support for those looking for long and short-term property rentals for your staff accommodation requirements or office needs.

We offer free quotes on all jobs.

Being a diverse service provider in these spaces will help seamlessly provide the support needed in all relevant fields that have been desperately lacking.

Trust is key to every relationship and we hope that by adding these services to our company you will continue to trust us to provide the highest level of service to you and your Embassy.

Snookie Lomow & Associates Inc. has joined with Highbridge Construction, a reputable Restoration and Renovation Company.

As well, she represents HD Property Management Group, a long and short-term property rental service for your staff accommodation requirements or office needs.

By joining with Highbridge Construction and HD Property Management Group, we are able to offer the highest quality Renovation, Restoration, Real Estate and Rental services including free quotes on all jobs.

Being a diverse service provider in these spaces will help seamlessly provide the support needed in all relevant fields that have been desperately lacking.

Trust is key to every relationship and we hope that by adding these services to our company you will continue to trust us to provide the highest level of service to you and your Embassy.

Our promise is to deliver an unparalleled experience for our homeowners throughout the process. From the initial meeting to the turnover and reveal, our experts are committed to handling every detail, ensuring we exceed expectations.

Highbridge Construction is an industry-leading Construction Company specializing in Custom Home Builds, Restorations, and Renovations. We establish lasting relationships with our clients through communication, hard work, and exceeding their expectations on all levels, by all team members, during all projects, no matter how big or small.

Whether you are adding more living space at your residence, opening up walls to have an open concept kitchen, updating your ensuite bathroom with a walk-in shower and tub, or adding living space with an addition. We can do it all!

The HD Property Management Group specializes in assisting insurance claimants secure short to medium-term rental properties that best suit their needs.  We understand how difficult being displaced from your home can be and we try to do our best to minimize your suffering and inconvenience. Please fill out the information request below and a member of our team will reach out to you straight away.



Let's Make Something New

The Oxford dictionary describes a restoration as, bringing something back to its’ original state.

As restoration professionals, we offer quality workmanship and understands that your trust must be earned.

Our commitment is to provide excellent workmanship, quality customer service, and be there during any unexpected restoration emergency: flood, fire, or foundation repair.

We are uniquely positioned to provide you with emergency restoration services in the Ottawa marketplace due to our teams’ gifted tradesmen.

So do not hesitate to contact us right away so we can get you started on your road to recovery.


Let's Make Dreams Happen

Are you looking to fix up your residence or office?

We offer everything; creating a bathroom retreat, building a chef’s kitchen, or finishing a basement.

We can help you complete a renovation of remodeling or repairs to your office requirements.

We have the knowledge, the experience, and trained experts who give us an advantage when undertaking renovations that would meet your needs and objectives.

Our process starts with a sit-down over any design ideas you have and provide input.  From there we discuss budgets, timelines, and answer any questions you may have about our processes. We leave no stone unturned.

Once decisions are made, we schedule the project to begin in a timely manner and make sure it stays on track and on budget.




Let Us Be Your Change-Maker

We have the professional staff to complete any project.

Our professional carpenters are ready to help you with your structural repairs and our tradespeople can help with any plumbing or electrical requirements.

We are one phone call or computer click away from a full staff of licensed, insured experts to help you at your home or office.

Plus, we take care of all the coordination and supervision.

Because we are a “one-stop-shop”, we can schedule our workers to work in tandem or in sequence depending on the scope of the project.

We work as efficiently as possible to keep the disorder to a minimum.


Let's Find Your Special Place

Another service Snookie Lomow + Associates is best known for assisting the Diplomatic community with helping new officers arriving in Ottawa find ideal accommodation such as a home, townhouse, or condo rentals for their short-term stay in Ottawa that best fits their needs.  We know the city well and can easily direct them to the right location and property based on what is currently available on the market.

We can also assist those who have accommodation properties to rent that are currently available and showcase it to the Diplomatic community who always have rental needs.

We offer a similar service for those looking to relocate their office due to rebuilds or repairs. We can help find short-term office rentals well.  Just fill out the form below and we will respond promptly.


For all your real estate needs, give us a call

Snookie Lomow

Snookie Lomow

Relocation Consultant

We have setup a network of restoration and renovation companies as well as an affiliation with a real estate representative for long and short term property rental  With over 25 years of extensive experience both working with the Diplomatic Corps and the Business Community in Ottawa, I understand the needs of the Diplomatic community. My husband and I were part of the Canadian Diplomatic Corps for many years. Therefore I feel very qualified to assist with all your staff accommodations requirements as well with any renovation or restoration projects you require.

We are delighted to have Jacen Matthews on our team. Jacen runs an excellent services team under to meet your rental requirements.

We are ready to help you with accommodation requirements for a new officer or need a new location for your office, Jacen and I will assist you in your approach and have every available resource at your disposal to achieve your goals. We look forward to working with you.

Jacen january 2017

Jacen Matthews

Sales Representative

Jacen grew up in Ottawa and he is a proud Father of three dynamic teenage boys, an incredibly happy husband, and a licensed Realtor within one of Ottawa’s most successful brokerages. His success in this industry comes from over twenty years – experience managing investment properties, troubleshooting challenging circumstances and the knowledge he has attained having been involved in hundreds of successful Real Estate transactions. Jacen’s desire to help people has ultimately led to a healthy number of happy past clients and a steady stream of new referrals which demonstrates trust and integrity.

His work takes him into every corner of the city and he has been successful in marketing and selling many different types of Real Estate. In 2019 and 2020 he received the Red Diamond Award, representing the top 2% of Royal LePage Realtors for the sales year.


What is the difference between a restoration and a renovation?

The difference is simple.. a restoration restores a place or item to its’ former self where as a renovation changes a place from its’ original form and makes it look completely different.

Are the tradesmen working during Covid?

Tradesmen are deemed an essential service and therefore are permitted to work but must follow all protocols including wearing masks and social distancing.